Monday, September 8, 2008

Are You There Hillary? Its Me, Allison

Are you there Hillary?

It's me, Allison.

I know you're probably angry and I know you're disapointed that I chose another over you.

But since your purpose was really to better this country and not just a personal quest for power, I know you'll let whatever bitter taste is still in your mouth go.

You'll rise up and take this woman by her hair and shake her down to size. You will send this smug attack dog running back to the wild with her tail between her legs.


Because I am scared of this woman who wants to legislate my personal decisions based on her religious beliefs.

I am frightened of this woman who thrust her own child into the harsh media glare to further her political campaign.

Because I have lost respect for a maverick politician who makes choices based on the best way to win the election and not the best way to govern once the election has been won.

So, Hillary...could you fix this please?


roadlittledawn said...

Why isn't she saying anything??!!

Jon said...

Sorry, but in all honesty, you are looking to the wrong person for help. Hillary, from the viewpoint of most non-socialists, *is* simply grabbing for power without much regard for the people she's exploiting. However - I will give you - Obama is much worse.

Thrust her child into the media spotlight? I believe it was the other way around - the media used to the child to make you fearful. They exploited the child's condition to attack Palin as a neglectful mother (with some wild conspiracies to boot), while at the same time making it seem as though she would impose her morality upon everyone else. While I'm not certain she wouldn't, you can't be quick to draw that judgment. And speaking of morality - Hillary's is much more scary (although, in the end, they aren't all that much different).

Why is it that feminists hated her almost immediately? She's well educated, articulate, independent, a caring mother, and has strong personality. Is it simply her religion? Or simply her political affiliation? What role did the liberal media have in this?